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Cortney Amber Greenslet

Philosophy of Assessment

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I Believe....


            The most important part of assessment is the process of learning, and if the student understands what the process really is and what it means.

Throughout my career working with children, I have met many types of children in many different stages of their lives. No two people are the same, and there are not any two children who are exactly alike. Because of this reason, I like to think that in a perfect world, I could personalize every aspect of my assessment process. Due to state, federal and district requirements there are some obvious requirements in education that need to be met, which is important because we want to maintain that students are getting the education that they deserve.


Yes-testing and assessment are important. Yet, we are beginning to become too focused on the end result – the achievement test, the SATs, etc. Although the importance of testing is clear, the real display of a student’s knowledge is their ability to process information and call on that information as needed.


The way they think, the way they analyze or approach a problem. You can tell a lot about a child in the way they handle themselves in a learning setting. In these ways I think that individualized assessment based on a process of learning and experience, is very important.


 I am compelled to providing children with a clear and fair assessment that upholds and maintains their needs and the Vermont Framework of Standards.

I also am compelled to give children individual attention and tend to their personalized learning habits in an attempt to better educate them.

 By building on what students know and what they need to know, we can provide a more customized learning experience

where students will get more everyday out of the classroom.

"Education is a companion which no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate it and no nepotism can enslave."
-Ropo Oguntimehin