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Cortney Amber Greenslet

Philosophy of Multicultural Education

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I Believe....


          We live in a country where people are beginning to unfold into many different forms. People are discovering their heritage, their sexuality, their gender, and their religion. There is not any one type of person. Each one is a patchwork quilt made up of the many things that contribute to who we are: our heritage, race, religion, upbringing, culture, sexual orientation, and environment. I feel lucky to live in a place that is so colorful with life.

          Our differences are something that unites us as a nation, and yet because we do not always understand where the other is coming from, sometimes it is what divides us. When I think of how difficult it can be to grow up, how difficult it is as a child to understand where your place is in this world, I worry about how much more difficult it would be for these children to have to worry about the negative attention they might receive because they are “different.” Because of this, I have a few strong policies as a teacher and within my classroom.

          While in my classroom all students will be treated, and will treat others, with respect. Our differences in culture, color, sexual orientation, gender, and religion will be celebrated. I have an open door policy to invite students to talk with me at any time about differences they do not understand or are having difficulty being tolerant of, in others. I have a no-tolerance policy within my classroom for the teasing, or disrespect for others. It defaces other’s worth, disrupts class, and will not be tolerated in my classroom or any other place on school grounds. 

          I will be sure to be straight-forward, open and honest with all of my students when it comes to discussing different topics that relate to multiculturalism. I also promise to create a place within my classroom where we can celebrate different cultures along with our regular curriculum. I invite parents, family members and friends to contribute a piece of their own culture to our classroom at any time with cooking demonstrations, songs, clothing or other symbols, and more!

          On the playground, I have adapted a policy called “You can’t say you can’t play.” The process of excluding other children will not be something that I condone. All children will have the opportunity to play all types of games with all of their classmates.

We are a team, and only by enhancing the ways that we are different, can we be unified



"Education is a companion which no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate it and no nepotism can enslave."
-Ropo Oguntimehin