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Cortney Amber Greenslet

Philosophy of Parental Involvement

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“It takes a village to raise a child.”-African Proverb


It truly does take a village…..


      On that note, I would like to point out that my sincere enthusiasm in parental involvement is not one that promotes begging for services. I respect that everyone has their own lives, agendas, and schedules. I realize that all parents would like to be with their children often, and would like to point out the many ways that they can contribute. By being involved in a child’s school, it is giving the child a sense of pride. It is giving them a feeling of belonging and a feeling of priority in learning. This is very important and I encourage all parts of a family, not just moms and dads to join us in these types of activities:

o       Tutoring

o       Teacher’s Aide

o       Reading to children at the beginning of the day as they arrive

o       Help to plan field trips and chaperone

o       Handyman skills – for building projects or help with school repair and upkeep!

o       Cooking skills, art skills, technical skills, for school events, and classroom projects I always welcome a hand there!

o       Spread the word about volunteering

o       Participate, facilitate the afternoon activities

o       Create Welcome packets for new families

o       Help with the Book Fairs

o       Do a Career presentation

o       Help with Fundraising


These are only a few ways that a parent can contribute their time! I welcome any new ideas, as well as thoughts on this! 


Teacher-Parent Communication


I think that the communication between teacher and the family of a student is very important. The more we know about each other and our interactions with the student, the better equipped we are to help the student grow.

I plan to have constant open communication with parents. They will always have my home number, email, and mailing address as forms of contact. If pick-up and drop-off times are difficult for you, I would be happy to create a notebook to send home notes in about a student’s day in school!

I believe in scheduling parent-teacher conferences regularly, and will periodically send home a report on the student’s academic and developmental successes!


"Education is a companion which no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate it and no nepotism can enslave."
-Ropo Oguntimehin